Capture Little Moments of Love This Valentine's Day


Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you, love birds out there, making the world a happier and much better place! Love is the key, always!

I wanted to create something special in honour of Love this year and I started looking for an inspiration. I wanted to tell a story…

Love is different for each and everyone of us and love evolves through the different stages of a couple’s relationship. Love isn’t always easy, it demands a lot of compromise and growing together spiritually. But love is the most beautiful and rewarding feeling in the whole Universe. Love makes time go in slow motion, makes us feel electricity going through our bodies and makes our hearts skip a beat. Love makes us laugh, cry… Love makes us better as human beings. Love is… life!

These are only a few of the answers our fours awesome couples gave us. I wanted to represent diversity in the sense of age, sex, ethnicity, religion and couples in the different stages of love. And we were really lucky to have gathered together these lovely people, coming from all over the world - New Zealand, Singapour, Iran, Italy and Switzerland (plus one Bulgarian asking the questions ;). I thought long what I am going to ask the couples, so hopefully you can recognise yourself in one of them and get inspired on how beautifully love goes on, growing old together.

I will invite you to watch our Love Project video and finish by saying this: Love isn’t happening only on Valentine’s Day. It is in every little moment of life, making it special. Love needs to be celebrated as often as possible, so remind yourself to say “I love you” the the person next to you every day. Love needs to be captured for all time, so you can, not only tell your love story to your children and grand children, but you can show it through beautiful portraits. Exist in photographs for you and for all the people who love you! Create a legacy.

Special thank you to Jessie Odot, who filmed the interview and the behind the scenes of the photoshoots. And, of course, to Marc & Chuin for making us crack laughing, to Audrey & Alessandro for their sweetness and making us a bit envious (#couplegoals), to Lilly & Vince and their two little angels for making cry and to Fara & Hamed for showing us that sometimes, you don’t need year to find the love of your live. After 2 days, you just know. You see it in the other person’s eyes (maybe! maybe, maybe… :D).

Thanks for reading and watching along! Please, share what love means to you?

Warmest regards,